These small individual bunkers, called “Ringstand” in German, a.k.a. shelter / circular location, are called tobrouk. “Tobruk” in German, after the siege of Tobrouk by Rommel. They refer to a small shelter open at the upper part by a hole. The personnel assigned to the tobrouks are usually equipped with machine guns MG 34 or MG 42. Tobrouks can also be modified to allow the installation of a tank turret of older models, or spoils of war. The armament of these spoils of war is often modified by the integration of German equipment.

Tobrouk Ouest tobrouk sud

On the site Hillman, the "Tobruk" buildings are three VF58C type. One is positioned to the north (towards the sea), the second to the west and the last one, south of the site. They were equipped with machine guns, the MG 34.

pedestrian prohibitedAs this building is located on cultivated plots, it is not accessible to the public without permission.