HILLMAN Position compared -  may 1944 and 70 years later

before after

[Credits: BD/BL]

The 'HILLMAN' Position

The site has eighteen concreted bunkers connected by trenches in 1944 and surrounded by two barbed wire and a minefield.

It consists of three blockhouses standard manufacture two type regelbau 608 [7] and [10], command post shelters, significantly different from one another by the access corridor to the dome, and shelter for type of guns regelbau 605 [1] ,.
It seems that the defense of the site has been provided by a field gun in concrete vat and especially not by machine gun nests and control points bordering the pathways [5] and [8], complemented by three tobrouks [9], [14], [18]

The water required the construction of a well [2] and a [3] reservoir.
Finally, note the presence of several bunkers whose purpose seems to be to ammunition bunkers or covered staff and a kitchen [6]
Only green which is open to the public, the other located on private land or buried. The artillery PC remains for private use.


Below, an interactive map which help to  identify the different positions.


hillman topview