Churchill Tank Mk IV

The Churchill, or more officially Infantry Tank Mk IV or A22, is a British tank used during the Second World War. It is the final outcome of the infantry tank concept, then in force in the British army. It was renowned for its strong armor and for serving as the basis for many special derivatives, Hobart’s Funnies. After a difficult start, nearly eight thousand four hundred copies were produced and served in the British army until 1952. It received its name in honor of Sir Winston Churchill who, in addition to being the Prime Minister of the time, had taken an important part, during the First World War, in the emergence of the first assault tanks. He reportedly said: “This tank has even more flaws than me.”


Frise historique de la restauration du char churchill de l'association

The association’s objective, through this project, is to maintain the memory of these British soldiers, crossing the English Channel to liberate the country, thanks to this infantry support tank.

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