The MORRIS Battery

The position of the “MORRIS” battery is only 800 meters north of the site. This battery consisted of 4 cannons, initially positioned in concrete tanks, then from 1944, the construction of H669 protective casemates was undertaken. One of them was not yet completed at the time of the landing.

This artillery point, commanded from Hillman’s CP, will be taken fairly quickly by the 1st Suffolk regiment during the day of June 6…

Today, one of the three type H669 bunkers has been preserved and is used by the association, the other two being on private land.

This field artillery battery, located southwest of the village, was 2,800 m from the sea. It was the second battery attached to the 1/716th artillery regiment (2./AR 1716), having received the code “WN16”.

Its armament consisted of four Czech howitzers of 10 cm caliber, with a maximum range of 9,800 m.

Previous to the construction of these casemates, the cannons were located in tanks.

An Encavement, remnant of the location of a cannon, which offered a prime target to Allied aviation.
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