Hillman’s building

Comparison of the site in May 1944 with the current situation (2014)

Le site Hillman pendant la 2ième guerre Le site Hillman de nos jours

The site includes eighteen concrete blockhouses, connected in 1944 by trenches and surrounded by two networks of barbed wire and a minefield.

It is made up of three blockhouses of standard manufacture: two of the Regelbau 608 type [7] and [10], shelters for command posts, significantly different from each other by the access corridor to the dome, and a shelter for type cannons Regelbau 605 [1].

It seems that the defense of the site was ensured by a field gun in an unconcreted enclosure and above all by machine gun nests and support points bordering the access roads [5] and [8], supplemented by three tobruks [9], [14], [18]

The water supply required the construction of a well [2] and a reservoir [3].
Finally, note the presence of several bunkers whose purpose seems to be ammunition bunkers or shelter for personnel, as well as a kitchen [6].

Only green structures are accessible to the public, the others being on private land, or even buried. The artillery PC remains for private use.

Ci-dessous, une carte interactive pour identifier les ouvrages.

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