The “Tobruks”

These small individual bunkers, called Ringstand in German, that is to say shelter/circular location, took the name of tobruk, Tobruk in German, after the siege of Tobruk by Rommel.

They designate a small shelter open to the outside in the upper part with a hole.

The personnel assigned to the tobruks are generally equipped with MG 34 or MG 42 machine guns. The tobruks can also be modified, in order to allow the installation of an old model tank turret, or war captures. The armament of the latter is most often modified by the integration of German equipment.

On the Hillman site, the “tobruk” style works are three examples of the Vf58c type. One is positioned to the north (towards the sea), the second to the west and the last to the south of the site. They were equipped with MG 34 machine guns.

These works being located on cultivated plots, they are not accessible to the public without authorization.

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